Salton Sea Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

July 25, 2015 – September 6, 2015, Artist Gallery Talk: 3:00 PM Saturday, August 29th MCASD La Jolla, Meyer Gallery, 700 Prospect Street, La Jolla, California (858) 454-3541 “Virginia Beahan’s haunting photographs of the Salton Sea and its surrounds capture the lake’s layered history and precarious present. In Elegy for an Ancient Sea, Beahan presents images from her explorations of the California desert, as she brings a nuanced eye to the landscape’s fraught past. Through her visually sumptuous photographs, the Salton Sea becomes a kind of character, struggling to sustain life as its physical reality deteriorates.” In Elegy for an…

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new mud pots8x10.72
Salton Sea Related Articles in the New Yorker Magazine

“There is a place in the California desert where a pipe pokes out from a berm made of broken concrete and delivers freshwater to a dying sea. I stood there recently, on a beach of crumbled barnacles, and watched it gush. The sea was the dull blue of a cataract, surrounded by small volcanoes, bubbling mud pots, and ragged, blank mountains used for bombing practice by the Navy and the Marines. The air smelled sweet and vaguely spoiled, like a dog that has got into something on a hot day. When the wind blew, it veiled the mountains in dust…

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View of La Socapa From Club Nautica, Santiago de Cuba, 2004
Water Ways: Tension and Flow Exhibition

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College (April 4–August 23, 2015): “Water is essential to human life, shaping the geography of human settlement, modes of travel, and ease of trade. Too much water (flooding) or too little (drought) has wrought havoc in communities for millennia. This exhibition considers humans’ relationship to water, …and showcases the beauty and power of this miraculous, yet quotidian, substance.” Photographs by Virginia Beahan, Edward Burtynsky, Emmet Gowin and James Balog.

Fishing Boats and Military Watchtower, Playa Girón, Cuba, 2004
A Complex, Changing Cuba Fascinates a Dartmouth Artist

Dartmouth Now, May 27, 2015 by Bill Platt “Cuba is such a fragile place and a tsunami of tourism coupled with U.S. desire to open markets there will not necessarily solve the myriad problems of this beautiful island. Cuban people need time to adapt, to understand the meaning and the cost of these changes, and then to formulate their own ideas about what kind of society they wish to become.” – Virginia Beahan More Photos:

Panaderia (bakery) René Ávila Reyes, Holguín, Cuba, 2004
¡Viva Cuba!

Photographs on exhibition at Big Town Gallery in Rochester, Vermont. From a newspaper article by Nicola Smith (Valley News, May 14, 2015): “Beahan shot a bakery, its exterior wall painted with a fading mural of Che, and his fellow revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos, who died in a plane crash in 1959. It’s a subtle metaphor for the way past and present are so inextricably linked in Cuba — or at least in the Cuba depicted in these photographs. You can’t get away from history: It taps on your shoulder, glances at you from around a corner, and, on occasion, comes too close for comfort.”…

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Roadside billboard in Santa Clara, 2002
Cuba Photographs on Exhibit at Getty Museum

Virginia Beahan’s photographs are included in an exhibition entitled “A Revolutionary Project: Cuba from Walker Evans to Now” at the Getty Center from May 17 through October 2, 2011. A selection of her work is available for viewing by appointment at Rose Gallery in Santa Monica. From the Getty press release: “Virginia Beahan’s work concentrates on the landscape’s relationship to history and culture. In 2001, she began a multiyear project on Cuba, photographing its topography in search of remnants of the island’s diverse past. The work resulted in a publication in 2009 titled Cuba: Singing with Bright Tears. Beahan’s Cuba…

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Hemingway Bar in Cojímar
Cuba: Singing with Bright Tears at Joseph Bellows Gallery

Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, CA, is exhibiting a selection of photographs from Virginia Beahan’s 2009 monograph, Cuba: Singing with Bright Tears. The exhibition will be on view through June 7, 2011.

Christina at Annie's
Close to Home: Photographers and Their Families at Smithsonian

Through July 24, 2011 Six photographs from Beahan’s series, “Photographs from Home,” are on exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. You can see the photographs in the Smithsonian collection. “Close to Home presents photographs made during the past three decades by both established and emerging artists. It features thirty-two color and black-and-white photographs from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection by nine contemporary photographers: Tina Barney, Virginia Beahan, Christopher Dawson, Muriel Hasbun, Martina Lopez, Elaine O’Neil, Larry Sultan, Margaret Strickland, and Carrie Will. The exhibition includes many new acquisitions, which will be on view at…

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“Darkroom Magic”

Opening paragraph from a piece by Judith Hertog in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Dec. 2010: “‘There is something magical about the alchemy of photography and the tactility of handling the paper, mixing the chemistry and making prints by hand,’ says Virginia Beahan, a photographer who has taught in the studio arts department since 2001.” Read the article