Roadside billboard in Santa Clara, 2002
Cuba Photographs on Exhibit at Getty Museum

Virginia Beahan’s photographs are included in an exhibition entitled “A Revolutionary Project: Cuba from Walker Evans to Now” at the Getty Center from May 17 through October 2, 2011. A selection of her work is available for viewing by appointment at Rose Gallery in Santa Monica.

From the Getty press release:

“Virginia Beahan’s work concentrates on the landscape’s relationship to history and culture. In 2001, she began a multiyear project on Cuba, photographing its topography in search of remnants of the island’s diverse past. The work resulted in a publication in 2009 titled Cuba: Singing with Bright Tears. Beahan’s Cuba is a land of contradictions, full of disappointments and hope, decay and rejuvenating beauty, simultaneously anchored to the past while looking beyond the present.”

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“Cuba Under the Lens at the Getty Museum”
By Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times
May 27, 2011

Excerpt from article:

“But the photo of the revolutionary leader that best encapsulates the show’s themes and conveys the tensions of the country in its crosshairs isn’t a picture of Che exactly. It’s Virginia Beahan’s 2004 image of a shoe store in the central Cuban city of Camagüey. A portrait of Guevara dominates the shop’s window display, but there isn’t a single pair of zapatos in sight.”

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