Fall 2017: A limited number of signed copies of Cuba Singing with Bright Tears can now be ordered through this website. As we all know, Cuba is in the news daily, and many Americans continue making plans to visit this beautiful island nation.

Education is Freedom

Bay of Pigs

Hemingway Bar

During my first visit to Cuba in 2001, I was immediately attracted to the way the island’s history, politics, and culture were visible, literally inscribed upon the land. Collision of the past with the present was a palpable thing: compelling, dramatic, complex–and heightened for me by the fact that the U.S. has been so much a part of Cuba’s unfolding story. Against a backdrop of tense Cuban-American relations, Cuban families opened their homes to us with warmth and generosity all the more poignant in the midst of obvious deprivation.

I believe my photographs document an important moment: Cuba at the end of a fabled and tumultuous era. Fidel Castro governed for almost 50 years, through the tenure of 10 American presidents and the implementation of a punishing trade embargo. My photographs portray the beauty and hope of Cuba, as well as the tragedy of a people wedged between a failed U.S. foreign policy and a regime whose idealism has been challenged by tough economic realities and ineffective domestic strategies. Besides its historic significance, the book provokes questions about the many issues related to Cuba’s future. Its publication coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Revolution on New Year’s Eve, 2008-2009.

We are approaching a critical moment in the evolution of our country’s relationship with Cuba. Fidel Castro has died, President Trump is in office, and the dialogue around U.S. Cuba policy is as heated, and perhaps unproductive, as ever. As many thousands of Americans travel to Cuba, we can only hope that the essential connections of respect and understanding between people will continue to grow.

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