Cuba On The Verge: an island in transition

As Kennedy explains, this collection of essays and photographs by Cubans, Cubans
in exile and interested Americans isn’t so much about the politics of Cuba as
“the consequence of politics to Cuba.” While its structure is simple enough-short
essays on themes like spirituality, the new middle class and rural life coupled
with sets of photos, introduced by artists’ statements-its texture is delightfully
varied and idiosyncratic…. The kaleidoscope of images-Virginia Beahan’s breathtakingly
empty landscapes, Sylvia Plachy’s vibrant urban scenes, Abelardo Morell’s haunting
camera obscura projections of cityscapes on interiors-will open readers’ eyes
to a country not so much “third world” as “other world.” Publishers Weekly,
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Cuba On The Verge: An Island in Transition
Edited by: Terry McCoy
Bullfinch, New York, 2003
ISBN 0-8212-2802-1